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Why going Digital is the Need of the Hour During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

By March 25, 2020May 17th, 2024Blog

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 has shown the world a tough time that’s taken straight out of a Hollywood movie. A virus so strong that everyone would be forced to stay home and work from home is almost unheard of. But that is exactly what happened and the world is quickly adapting to going completely digital. It has opened up to the vast potential of ‘digital’ and the fact that it is the perfect platform during these times of social distancing. Clients have recognized that now’s the time to leverage on digital and that’s where a ‘Digital Marketing Agency’ and ‘digital branding’ takes centre stage.
Some astonishing data has revealed that in February itself after the initial scare of the virus led to a 500% surge in cancellations and postponements of significant world events. Even the prestigious Olympics event might be called off.

Let’s explore some points why digital marketing will work during a pandemic:

No need for physical meetings:

In these times of social distancing and staying at home, physical meetings are a strict no-no. This where video conferencing or calling really matters. One can interact with the client and understand the requirement without having to come in physical contact. It is a win-win for everyone. A digital marketing agency is adept to handle client requirements.

Web marketing:

As people are glued to their homes, they are online almost 24/7. It makes tremendous sense to enhance your web marketing budget and reach your audience digitally. Digital branding will make sure that your product reaches them in the safety of their homes. The another great aspect of web marketing is that it is measurable and marketers would easily be able obtain their ROIs on a regular basis. They would also be able to gauge which online activities generate the most results and accordingly change their strategy to best suit their needs.

Reviewing your marketing strategy:

During a state emergency, even marketers would be home and would have some free time to sit and evaluate their strategies. They would be easily able to review their online marketing strategies and make necessary changes that help with their digital branding needs.

Making changes in the company websites:

More often than not we hear, marketers complaining that they want to change their websites but simply do not have the time for it. Well, this isolation would the perfect time for them to look at the challenges they face on their websites and the upgrades they would like to make. A digital marketing agency would very well be able to match their requirements as they too would be working from home. Marketers who already have a digital marketing agency on board could utilize this time to fine tune their marketing messages. Make it more suited with the current emergency situation and give out the message to their customers, that they are in-fact working for them even in these trying times.

Be SEO ready:

If you are into marketing, you are well aware that any article or information about your business needs to be SEO friendly for people to actually see it. Businesses who have understood the potential of SEO marketing have seen significant increase in their sales. During this time of the pandemic, marketers could take time to better understand SEO marketing and come up with content that is SEO friendly. A digital marketing agency can help them churn out SEO friendly content easily as they have a dedicated team for it.

Social Media Engagement:

It is imperative that marketers fine-tune their social media strategies during this lockdown situation. It would be perfect to relook at the upcoming campaigns and make necessary changes in-consultation with the digital marketing agency to provide information that’s relevant to the time.

Digital marketing will enable one to maintain normality in these crazy times and give you a competitive edge. Let’s hope that this crisis would end soon, however in the meantime, let’s take full advantage of the digital world and the various avenues it offers.

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