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Importance of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

By August 19, 2020December 30th, 2020Blog

Doctors and other medical practitioners may not invest in marketing their services as they believe in helping people and keeping them safe rather than doing business, but in this competitive world, it is crucial to make yourself known to your patients. If not, your patients will switch to the ones who are actively marketing their services and sharing their success stories and tips & techniques with their patients. All this helps in gaining their trust and thus converting them into loyal patients.

Why Healthcare Marketing is Important?

When it comes to marketing for doctors, most of you must think about billboards or advertising in the newspaper, all this comes under traditional marketing, but now it is time for adopting Digital Marketing. If you overlook this, you will not get new patients, and even your loyal patients may slowly drop off. It is essential to show your patients that not only is your technique is different from the competition, but it is also a much better option overall.

Digital marketing for doctors & medical facilities is quite different from other industries. It is based on the enhancement of the relationship between doctors and their patients, to interact with them regularly, and to give them tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also believed that amid COVID-19, more and more number of people are downloading Mobile Health apps.

And thus, Digital Marketing for Healthcare Industry can’t be overlooked now.

Let’s have a look at a few Digital Marketing tips that are helpful to Healthcare Industry:

1- Search Engine Optimization:

Your potential patient is more likely to judge your services from your website. And, so you have to make sure your website represents who you are as a medical practitioner and does the job of convincing the searcher to book an appointment with you and not the doctor next door and not only that but, you have to make sure to improve a patient’s experience on your website.

Your website should be user-friendly and loads quickly. You can consult an SEO professional to optimize your website properly. It will help your website to rank first on the Search Engine page. This gives you more visibility and your customers or patients are more likely to book your appointment.

2- Social Media Marketing:

As a medical professional, maintaining an active social media may not be your priority, but for your business, it is a necessity. Having an active social media presence helps you to create brand awareness, and it also helps in boosting your SEO score. Its main aim is to keep the leads interested, and also it helps in regularly updating your followers about your organization. If you are able to attract the attention of potential patients, they tend to share recommendations to their friends and families, thus increasing your follower base.

For Digital Marketing for professionals, Instagram & FB has special features. It allows you to create a business profile and so your posts are focused more on relevant ones only.

3- Regular Posting of Blog on Website:

Posting a blog regularly on your website regarding the trending topics is an excellent way to attract your patients. It also helps with SEO. A good blog with useful information can determine your expertise in your particular field. If its winter, post a blog on what to eat and what not to eat during cold days, if its monsoon, a blog on how to prevent cold can work in your favor. Similarly, a blog on how to stay hydrated in the summer season will also impress your patients.

Consider hiring professionals for writing blogs and advertising them. They can research the niche keywords for a blog, can devotee a time for that and they know about the trending topics. With your input, they can create a perfect blog.

4- PPC Ad Campaigns on Google:

Healthcare industries traditionally use various Ad platforms like Newspapers, banners, pamphlets distribution, etc. which are very expensive, and the results are also not effective. Whereas in Digital Marketing you have cost-effective solutions like PPC ads. The main advantage of PPC Ads is that it gives you the ability to manage the budget, location, and time.

Paid search is flexible, highly effective, and can target your audience based on gender and age groups. It can be turned on and off at your convenience. As with organic search, it is best left to the experts who have experience and can track records and understand the nuances of PPC ads.

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