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Integrated Marketing- The Sure Way to Success 

By February 19, 2021November 18th, 2021Blog
integrated marketing

There is a whole wide range of marketing. But they have one thing in common- to provide a consistent customer experience with your brand.

Through integrated marketing communication, you can achieve your marketing goals easily.

But what exactly is Integrated Marketing?

A unique approach, integrated marketing is a way that incorporates the use of different types of media to tell a story greatly or convey marketing messages effectively.

It may be something as simple as a remarkable TV ad campaign featuring some renowned public figure. Later that same person can appear on other media channels like billboards, in-store displays, social media posts or something else.

Showing the same character across various mediums creates a resounding impact of the brand on the audience and enables them to instil the brand’s value more.

From an aesthetically appealing logo and slogan to amazing visuals, all these elements need to be consistent across every channel involved in the campaign. It’s what’s going to uniformly attract different types of target audience on all platforms and increase brand awareness.

It solves all the main pain points of having to rely on creating a different type of content, where you can repurpose the same content in endless creative different ways. This is the easiest way to let your marketing efforts to show positive results.

At times, people assume that integrated marketing doesn’t use TV ads or billboards, but that isn’t remotely true. On the contrary, incorporating a multichannel marketing approach is what’s going to drive customer engagement in your target market.

Integrated marketing has so much to offer than the old ways of marketing. It’s truly a blessing for any business, even those with a relatively less digital marketing budget.

Why should you go with Integrated Marketing?

  • Connect with the audience like never before 

Getting those desired sales is what every business aims for. With a short attention span of people, it’s demanding to get them to take the desired action quickly.

Smartly leveraging marketing strategies across different channels can help generate sales.

Living in this age of digital, people go through many ads on social platforms they use. But the younger generation of people is still getting used to tuning with ads.

Although, millennials are finding their way around liking modern-day marketing. With 58% of millennials receptive to influencer marketing on social channels like YouTube, Instagram & Facebook, integrated marketing is the easy way to foster brand loyalty.

  • The power to outperform 

According to Forbes, the research found that integrated campaigns across 3+ channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300%!

This isn’t surprising. A consistent message strengthens a brand’s image by giving it an intuitive user experience throughout various digital platforms.

If you’re new to this approach, here are some guidelines that you should follow to yield the maximum benefits of your integrated marketing strategy

Effective Integrated marketing guidelines

1.  A great storyline 

Think of your campaign as you’re dictating an awesome story to a child. You want that kid to feel excited all the way to the end. And ultimately they’ll want to hear another one! The same goes while telling a brand’s story. From start to the end, it should be great and excite the viewers.

If they feel intrigued by what you brand shows, they’re bound to want to know more.

2.  Uniform content through all channels 

Your marketing campaign, be it whatever platforms you’re planning to run it on should convey a uniform message. Consumers will see your marketing content everywhere.

So you don’t want them to get on an idea from one channel and a different idea at the same time from another. That’ll leave them in a bit of paradox. You want to paint a clear picture that they simply feel one with.

3.  Consistent appeal 

Aesthetics are important. The designs play an invaluable role in influencing buying decisions.

That’s why it’s necessary to have a consistent design theme: the right colour combination, appealing logo and an attention grasping slogan. All these elements play a vital role in running a great campaign.

Now is the time to embrace the future

2021. This is it. The year for businesses to take the lead in the market with an integrated marketing communication approach. Be the first to leverage the benefits of modern-day marketing. With a paradigm shift of technology, comes the necessary need to evolve and partner with a digital company that can assist you to achieve all your business and marketing goals.

That’s where we come to play. As a leading digital marketing company, we at Communication Crafts help start-ups, businesses, and organizations shift from being a competitive player to a profit powerhouse. With our fresh & innovative integrated marketing services, connect with the right audience, stand out from the rest and grow your business easily!