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Market your Real Estate Property the right way

By July 22, 2019December 30th, 2020Blog

Real Estate is one of the most competitive areas of present times. Having dealt with renowned real estate clients like Gala, bSafal, Shivalik, and Gulmohar myself, I am aware of the tough market conditions that lay for this industry. To overcome such challenges and emerge as the best, it is important to market your real estate property in the right ways.
Here are a few tips that I am sure will benefit you.

Active social media page
Nowadays, an average urban Indian spends about 2 hours on social media websites. These pages are not only a great medium to stay connected with your family and friends but also are a great platform to market one’s products and services as well. If marketed using an effective social media strategy, these social media pages can attract a large number of crowd and generate good revenue.
Thus, be active on the social media page of your brand. Post relevant and eye-catchy content for your brand. You can also focus on the specific real estate property you want to market and create posts for it. In addition to this, a social media page is a prominent medium to promote the core values of your brand. This plays a vital role in establishing trust in the hearts of your target audience. Thus, the next time they are looking for a property to buy, they will come to you first before looking anywhere else.

Interactive website
I don’t think that I need to justify the need for an interactive website in present times. With the smartphone revolution garnering more and more attention day by day, a potential customer will first go through your website before looking into other aspects of your real estate property. Thus, a website creates a brand identity. For a realtor like you, this is highly important. As you begin with your new projects, the only aspect which will remain is your brand. A website will keep the trust for your brand intact in the minds of your customer.
To make your website more interesting, you can also host virtual tours. These tours add a ‘Wow factor’ to your website and help your potential customers to experience the property without having to step outside the space they are in. To create a deep impact on the customers, you can use real footage of the space and make the tour interactive rather than making it monotonous.
Don’t forget to ensure that your website and your virtual tour are mobile-friendly to view. This holds a lot of value to your brand.

PPC Advertising
PPC Advertising, also popularly known as Pay Per Click Advertising, is one of the most effective marketing techniques for real estate owners. Personally, I feel that it is a great way of advertising especially if your focus is to market particular projects. It grabs the attention of people who are planning to buy a property and thus, has a great potential to generate a significant number of leads.
How do these ads grab the attention of the right audience? Keywords, placement, strategy, and targeting are the answer here. Whenever someone uses a keyword to search in Google which is relevant to your real estate property, these ads will be displayed to them. Ideally, these ads are meant to be short, direct and are meant to impress potential customers within a few seconds. Thus, if a potential customer is interested in the property you are marketing, he/she will click on these ads and land on the ‘Enquiry Page’ of your website. This page will be specially created so that your potential customers can place their enquiries there and you can revert to their queries easily.

Be the first preference of Google
Once you have an interactive website and an active social media page, potential customers will start getting attracted to your real estate property. To make this flow constant, you must opt for optimisation of your website. By optimisation, I mean Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Doing so will create visibility of your website in Google to your potential customers.
Basically, SEO involves the involvement of use of few potential keywords which are used by your target audience to search for any property on Google. These keywords are incorporated into your website through blogs, Meta title, Meta description, and the website content. The idea is to have maximum keywords on your website so that when your target audience searches one of these keywords, your website ranks first in the Google search. Here, make a note that most people choose to click on the links which are shown on the first page of Google search rather than browsing through other pages. Hence, SEO can play a vital role in marketing your real estate property.

The good old e-mail marketing is still alive
Apart from PPC, another effective way of marketing is e-mail marketing. As many people check their e-mails regularly these days, they grab the attention of many people easily and enable them to have a look at your property right away.
As the name suggests, e-mail marketing is carried out through e-mails which are regularly sent to target audience, potential customers, past customers, competitors and everyone else who was, is or is likely to be interested in your brand. Unlike ordinary formal e-mails, these e-mails are designed to be interactive, interesting and attractive. The content is usually short but on-point and engaging. An aspect which you must take care here is that the database you provide for e-mail marketing must be extremely niche. Thus, it becomes easy to lure customers through this medium.

Now that you know about these strategies, why don’t you come over at Communication Crafts and get a detailed insight on this? We not only can help you plan these activities but also carry out them effectively while you sit back and enjoy good sales. So, what are you waiting for? Come over today!

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