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The Chip Conundrum – A Social Experiment

By September 13, 2019August 26th, 2022Blog

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What are we talking about?
The Chip Conundrum
What did we do?
Our observation
Looking for attractive packaging?

What are we talking about?
Well, we are talking about social experiments here! Yes, the ‘Real social experiments’ which are often carried out to test a human’s reaction on a certain subject or a situation. In Marketing, such an experiment is essential to give a perspective on one’s potential audience.

Once you know the reaction of audiences towards your product or service, it is easier to you can decide the course of marketing. For example, Nescafe, the world-renowned beverage brand conducted a social experiment – The Hello Experiment. Through it, they found out that simple gesture of saying ‘Hello’ can open up people and stir an interesting conversation. They clubbed the gesture with their coffee, and you have a brilliant marketing campaign!

Watch the video here:

Thus, these experiments can give a lot of insights.

The Chip Conundrum:
We carried out a social experiment at Communication Crafts, which we named ‘The Chip Conundrum’ is the social experiment. ‘Conundrum’ means a difficult problem or question. And with respect to the experiment, the ‘Chip’ here is the potato chip which you can’t resist to snack on (especially when you are bored)!
So, what did we do with chips and the conundrum? Find it out.

Chips are common snacks that are often underrated. They often save all of us from starving in routine days and have made a perfect companion for movie-nights. Who can forget them on trips?
So, when our creative minds were brain-storming while eating chips, someone realised the importance of these chips and had this question – Can you identify the brand of chips without knowing the brand?
The rest you can guess, we decided to conduct a social experiment on this utterly serious question!

What did we do?
We purchased chips from 3 different but popular brands and placed them 3 different bowls. All the chips appeared similar in shape and colour. In fact, they were of the same flavour as well.

Without revealing the name of the brands they belonged to, we asked our CC’ites to the guess the names by eating 1 chip at a time. To make it a bit challenging, only 1 answer was allowed for every chip. Furthermore, the guess had to make by looking at the appearance of the chip and taste only.

Basically, it was an ‘Eat 1 and Guess 1’ task. (A delicious way to conduct a social experiment, yes!) Sounds easy, isn’t it? You will be amused to know what happened next!

What were the results?
Here are the results we obtained:
38% CC’ites gave 1 correct answer,
27% CC’ities gave all the wrong answers,
13% of our CC’ities gave 2 correct answers.

Almost 80% of what we grab from our surroundings is visual. Hence, visual memory plays a vital role in shaping our choices and perceptions. Without a visual, it is difficult to guess most of the things. Hence, the results obtained from our social experiment are quite obvious.

Without looking at the packaging, it was very difficult for the participants to know the exact brand the chips belonged to.

Thus, it is the packaging which influences a consumer’s choice. It distinguishes a brand from other brands who sell similar products.

To summarise the experiment, a packaging is extremely important for a brand.

Watch the full video of the experiment here:

Looking for attractive packaging?
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