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IMS Orientation Film

By July 16, 2020April 1st, 2024Video case studies

Spreading the Junoon of staying fit

The Results

“By far the best team I’ve ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it!”


Nutrabox is a challenger brand, a small player with big dreams and limited means. They just entered the fast-growing health supplement space and needed a campaign that would spark and interest among the millennials to make fitness their passion. They wanted to clearly communicate that, ‘Nutrabox is for everyone!’


We understood the TG had a dual struggle- achieving their fitness goals and justifying that why this achievement is important. So we asked them, “What’s Your Junoon?”

With a powerful script, a range of relatable characters and an approach that helped in reaching out to everyone who considered fitness to be their passion, we communicated clearly that the definition of fitness can vary from person to person but the reason that keeps them going is their unwavering dedication towards their goal. With a series of characters, we showed that the struggle to outperform themselves was their personal challenge.

And we delivered quantifiable results:


Video views across Instagram, YouTube & FB


Reach across platforms


Engagement generated through the campaign

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