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CIMS Hospital

By July 16, 2020May 27th, 2022Video case studies

Depicting the rollercoaster of emotions while fighting cancer


Fighting Cancer is not easy, not only for the patient but also for their family and loved ones. CIMS Foundation is always full of such patients and families who are fighting a battle every day. Just showing off the latest machinery or the accomplishments of the doctors would have looked shallow.


So when we were asked to make a corporate film for the hospital, we decided to take the empathetic route, focusing on how Cancer can be defeated, life can still get back to normal and why one should always be positive throughout the treatment. We took the poetic route, brought in a matured, reassuring voice (Mr. Vijay Raaz) and showcased every emotion associated with Cancer treatment. Throughout the film, we continue weaving several stories together, not only of the patients and family members but also of the staff at CIMS. All this while making sure every facet of the hospital gets highlighted enough subtly yet prominently. Almost everyone who watches it is moved. Don’t miss the little cameos from our sporting staff at CC.

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