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A Powerful Positioning for Lubi Pumps – FLOW NAHI, FORCE

By May 21, 2024June 20th, 2024Case Study

Project Introduction 

Lubi Pumps has been a leader in the Indian pump and motor industry for decades with a well-established sales and marketing channel. The brand never focused on branding and mainstream advertising. However, with changing trends in the industry and aggressive competition, they on-boarded Communication Crafts to begin their journey towards a strong brand and strategy.   

The brand also invested in being one of the associate sponsors of Gujarat Titans for the IPL 2024 season. It was imperative that this association needed to be capitalized on.   


Recognizing the intensifying competition in the pump and motor industry, Lubi Pumps, undertook a strategic shift. The company saw the need for a potent brand positioning strategy and a stronger presence.   

A key challenge was crafting a positioning statement that resonated equally well across the diverse Indian market. The ideal positioning statement needed to be impactful yet straightforward, allowing easy adaptation into various regional languages and cultural contexts.   

Furthermore, the associate sponsorship of Gujarat Titans came with a lot of conditions and limitations in terms of using the brand – Gujarat Titans as well as its star players. To give you a context, we only got a couple of hours to shoot the DVCs as well as branding content with the cricketers. Maximizing the benefits of this high-profile partnership was crucial for the campaign’s success, requiring effective integration with the overall branding strategy.  


The Key Insight:   

The disconnect between technical jargon and everyday language. Our team developed the powerful positioning statement “Flow Nahi, Force” based on a key consumer insight. Across India, households commonly use the term “force” to describe water pressure, rather than the technical term “pressure.”   

We capitalized on the widespread belief that a water pump/ motor’s performance is directly linked to its pressure-generating capacity.   

The strategy leveraged two simple English words – ‘Flow’ and ‘Force’. This choice ensured easy comprehension across a wide demographic and facilitated regional adaptation by requiring only the replacement of the single word “nahi” in different languages.  

To maximize campaign impact during the crucial IPL 2024 season, Communication Crafts strategically integrated the “Flow Nahi, Force” positioning with the Lubi Pumps sponsorship of the Gujarat Titans cricket team.   

Furthermore, a digital video commercial (DVC) featuring three-star players from the franchise was created for promotions during the IPL season and throughout the contract period. This ensured sustained brand messaging and leveraged the star power of the cricketers to propel the campaign forward.  

Project Impact 

The Lubi Pumps brand positioning campaign yielded a remarkably positive response. The tagline resonated strongly with trade channels, the sales team, customers, and even industry professionals.  

Through meticulous planning and execution of collateral, the campaign achieved significant brand visibility and recall, enhancing Lubi Pumps’ reputation in the market. 

This strategic shift successfully repositioned Lubi Pumps, transitioning the brand from a traditional business to a serious competitor.  

The campaign’s effectiveness was further validated by a clear and immediate positive response observed across various channels, demonstrating the success of the 360-degree approach in reaching target groups and generating the desired brand impact and buzz.

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