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Lentil Twister Packaging

By May 26, 2022August 26th, 2022Case Study


Cornado is a healthy snacking brand that masterfully caters to the growing need for tasty yet healthy snacks. Consumers across India widely love the brand’s approach of using more nutritious ingredients. The challenge, however, is to entice people to try the product.

When the brand decided to roll out a new packaging for their lentil-based snacking range in the market, we knew we had the perfect opportunity of creating a huge splash.

Problem Statement

Casual snacking is often a result of impulse purchases. When browsing through the supermarket aisles, numerous products compete for a buyer’s attention. The client was clear:

  • Let’s develop intriguing packaging. The consumer should go: Hey, what’s this?
  • The design needs to be unique and generate a solid recall.
  • The packaging shall focus on the eating experience and have a premium feel.


Cornado’s TG is young. And the brand communication is vibrant and at times, wacky.

The design that we came up with is quirky, even a little crazy. It’s hard to miss and difficult to forget. The packaging beautifully incorporates the snack flavors and the ingredients.

The design for the Tex Mex flavor is a quirky take on Mexican Culture. The Calaca (a figure of a human skull or skeleton commonly used for decoration) is taken as the central feature of the design. Complimenting elements such as the rattle and the tapestry patterns of the famous Salsa dance create a Mexican Carnival feel. The packaging says it loud and clear: Cornado Lentil Twister is a carnival of flavors.

For the Fiery BBQ Lentil Twister, the designs were inspired by the smoky and spicy flavors that mimic the barbeque grill. The nomadic theme elements complement the central art and enhance the funky and playful appeal.

Given that the snacks are a deliciously-healthy alternative for those who follow a healthier lifestyle, the copy says, ‘Guilt-Free Hunger Buster.’ The idea was to highlight the benefits of lentils and corn.

The Outcome

From the moment Cornado Lentil Twister hit the market, the product has received great appreciation from the consumers, trade, and distribution channel partners. The earlier challenge of having a generic packaging is solved with this transformation. Aisle pickups and product recall both immediately improved. Cornado Lentil Twister’s launch has sparked multiple spontaneous digital fan pages across Instagram. The brand has re-emerged with the new packaging, giving out a renewed, vibrant vibe that consumers can’t have enough of.



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