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Ranjit Smart – Hero Wali Feeling

By June 14, 2023Case Study

Ranjit Smart – Hero Wali Feeling

A national level campaign for Ranjit Smart Men’s Innerwear Range


Ranjit Smart

Project Introduction

Ranjit Smart- a renowned male innerwear brand wanted to launch a new campaign for their Premium Innerwear range, featuring the Bollywood superstar- Ayushmann Khurrana as the brand ambassador. This national level campaign was required to create a buzz bigger than all other premium male innerwear brands and establish a unique messaging that stuck with the audience.


The industry, product range and marketing communication had become highly stagnated over the years. Every brand has a similar product design, a popular Bollywood actor, cliché poses and storylines. Ranjit Smart didn’t want to repeat the same old campaign thought and wanted to truly ‘stand-out from the crowd’, no matter how cliché it sounds.


  • Movies, especially those from Bollywood have always presented a larger-than-life picture of the main lead (hero) to the audience. Same was the case with all the marketing campaigns featuring various male actors. Every brand presented a ‘hero’ who is the saviour, the knight in shining armour, the heartthrob, the protector. Every woman wants someone like him, and every man wants to be him. There’s a slight brand integration which is not impactful enough.
  • The ‘Hero Wali Feeling’ campaign presented Ayushmann as a common man wearing Ranjit Smart Premium Innerwear range of vests and posing as if pulled straight out of a masala, action-packed, ultra-glamorous film. Instead of telling the audience to become like a hero, we presented them the perspective of feeling like the hero of their own film.
  • Visually, the campaign featured stunning set-ups and backgrounds instead of the boring textures used by the competitors. The brand wanted to ‘stand-out from the crowd’, and it did successfully with this creative visualization.
  • Team CC also managed the entire photo shoot with the production team to ensure perfect execution.
  • Multiple festive wishes recorded as short videos with Ayushmann for year-round brand ambassador presence.

Project Impact

  • With a brilliant media and publication strategy, ‘Hero Wali Feeling’ is grabbing eyeballs across India. From hoardings to autorickshaws, and from retail stores to online platforms, ‘Hero Wali Feeling’ is resonating with the audience successfully.
  • The campaign has led to a direct increase in the popularity of the brand- Ranjit Smart Premium Innerwear, as seen through various metrics like online and offline buzz, and the demand for the products at the retailers.
  • Interesting PR coverage across national and regional publications, garnering a reach of millions.
  • Raised a renewed vision in the brand to further push other product range, especially the range of men’s underwear in a bigger and bolder campaign.

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