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Honda Experience Galleries

By June 8, 2023Case Study

Honda Experience Galleries

At the 4F Smiling & Fun Factory at Vithalapur, Gujarat


Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India
(Honda 2 Wheelers India)

Project Introduction

Honda wanted to create 2 experience galleries at their Vithalapur plant for their VIP national & international guests. This factory is being developed as a global resource centre which will put Gujarat on the world map. They wanted to showcase the legacy, story, technical expertise and scale of production. They manufacture the iconic Honda Activa at this plant and export it globally.


Every 20 seconds, a Honda Activa rolls off the assembly line at the 4F plant. How do we narrate the story and showcase the technical expertise in an attractive, easy-to-consume and ‘not-so-boring’ way? How do we simplify the technical and business details for every visitor? The galleries needed to create maximum impact as the rest of the factory, well, looks like a typical factory.


  • An interactive light & sound show covering the story, technical aspects and scale of business from the Vithalapur plant integrating graphical, physical and video elements.
  • It started with a touchscreen placed at the centre of the gallery that controls the visitor’s journey through automation by managing the lights, sounds, and videos.
  • The visitor could choose their own journey to consume the information.
  • Physical installations like the Honda 2-wheelers taking flight (wings in the logo).
  • Their engines showcased on podiums.
  • Imploded view of the iconic 2-wheeler to showcase the combi brake technology, which is difficult to explain but easy to experience.
  • End-to-end execution of the entire project.

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