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Amdavad celebrate foodies’ day out

By November 19, 2016May 30th, 2022Case Study

The Challenge

Toritos was nearing its first anniversary and wanted to commemorate the occasion with a city-wide campaign. A celebration that is different from the traditional birthday bash and also does not die down as the day passes.

The Innovation

Why limit the celebration to the restaurant and its diners on 4th June? Why not involve the whole city? After all, Amdavad is a city of Foodies- We Amdavadis live to eat. So we launched the Foodies’ Day Out Campaign, at first with a teaser run on fb, then with eminent city celebrity video bytes and finally, some Food-Fun involving on ground activities.


We are Amdavadis. We are all foodies. Should Amdavad have its own Foodies’ Day? Why, certainly! So Amdavad celebrated its very own Foodies’ Day Out on 4th June- Toritos’ gift to the city on its first anniversary.

The Outcome

Overwhelming! Astonishing! Unbelievable! People not only welcomed the idea of Amdavad having its own Foodies’ Day but also shared their Favorite Food memories. Lots of Foodies turned up at the restaurant and were pleasantly surprised when they got perks and discounts while treating their Foodie buddies.


The event found mention in the Press and Radio and TV and was so enthusiastically embraced by the city that a press conference had to be held and the celebrations had to be continued for a week.

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