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Colgate – Environment Design

By November 19, 2016May 30th, 2022Case Study

The Challenge

Colgate was coming up with its first plant in Gujarat at Sanand. To inaugurate the new plant, the President of the company was to come from USA. They approached us to design wall graphics for the plant based on the trajectory of the visit.

The Innovation

We designed graphics based on the story of the new plant, right from the first brick being laid for construction to the Bhoomi Poojan and execution. It also depicted the first batch produced and dispatched from the factory. The last frame was left blank to accommodate the person who is to visit the factory. Concept: Narrating the story of the Sanand plant. The toothbrush wall graphic was designed with shape typography and the entire concept connected to the international ethos of the brand.


The richly colored graphic was in sync with the brand’s look and feel. Colgate’s cooling crystals and the ‘gel bhi paste bhi’ elements were incorporate in the graphic design. The Colgate promise of freshness, authenticity and loyalty reflected in the only bright spot of the factory, considering that the rest of the factory is purely white.

The Outcome

We also assisted them with the printing of the wall graphics. The graphic will remain as a memory of the creation of a new factory and its journey will be etched in the heart of all the employees of Colgate.


The client liked the concept and design so much that they ended up awarding the next project to us.

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