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Dashworks Product Video

By November 19, 2016May 30th, 2022Case Study

The Challenge

Headquartered in London, Juriba is a global developer of business intelligence solutionsand a desktop transformation expert. Juriba came up with Dashworks- a project management software tool that assists large businesses in migration from Windows XP to Windows7. Now the product, like all multi-benefit software, was complex in nature. It was difficult to explain it in a quick and easy to understand format to potential customers- stakeholders, CIOs and IT heads of large businesses.

The Innovation

We thought of trying out this new storyline and stylization to solve the problem and we did- We lent a new feel to the video with Stop Motion style. What it did was to convert the lengthy and complex explanation into a fun-to-watch step-by-step process that is effortless to grasp. Concept: Meet Stephanie, the stressed out IT project manager! We created this toonish character called Stephanie with which the target audience could easily relate to. The buy-in was tremendous- the audience trusted the brand which understood their day-to-day problems so very well. What would otherwise take a ton of time got conveyed in 2 minutes.

The Outcome

The video elicited a great response from the clients who saw it. It eased the task of Juriba’s sales force to a large extent. It proved to be a great sales tool- used through their website, social media and personal meetings.

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