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IMS’ Most Wanted

By November 19, 2016May 30th, 2022Case Study

The Challenge

IMS is an innovative staffing and recruitment firm whose customized services help companies and staffing firms to source talent for opportunities at home and abroad.  The client wanted fresh and out-of-the-box ideas to liven up their annual conference. Being a corporate completely centred around people, they wanted: one, to appreciate their own team straight from the heart, two, a genuine cheer for the company’s yearly achievements and three, a film that gets the audience on a never-before high.

The Innovation

We said, “Why limit the idea to the film? Why not create a pre-conference buzz in their office?” And the IMS’ MOST WANTED campaign was born. Concept: A police high alert for escaped convicts who are “Most Wanted” hiding in the IMS office. There is a detective inside all of us. Most of us have grown up reading mystery novels full of codes to crack and clues to solve. We created a scenario wherein the entire team was informed that there has been a mass escapade from the nearby jail and dangerous “MOST WANTED” convicts are on the loose. Nobody knows their real identity and they could be one among them! They were last seen hiding inside the IMS building. All employees were then requested to cooperate with the (fake) police to help catch them.

The Outcome

The tension built up over the week culminated on the day of the annual conference. Right from the décor to the dress code for the day, the convict theme was rife in the air. However when the suspense was revealed that the “MOST WANTED” were the IMS team itself and that each member was “WANTED” by the company for his/ her own special skills like leadership, go-getter attitude, etc, there was loud cheering and hooting and whistling. The team thought it was totally cool to be called ‘THE MOST WANTED’ and to go on a secret mission of bringing in a horde of profits and success for IMS! We gave them a giant wall graphic for their reception area with MOST WANTED sketches of 150 team members and their special skills- something to remember the MOST WANTED week by!


The AV brought them to the peak of suspense and then shut down suddenly, leaving them there! The crowd went silent with anticipation; you could hear a pin drop! Then there were cries of surprise and indignation. And on public demand, the film was played once more!

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