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Incasa Restaurant Branding

By November 19, 2016April 18th, 2024Case Study

The Challenge

INCASA is Ahmedabad’s first illusion themed multi-cuisine restaurant. To become that, they wanted us to create a brand identity for them. Designing and conceptualizing around the theme of illusions was the task we had on hand.

The Innovation

We designed their logo and collaterals keeping world cuisines and fine dining to the forefront and illusions as a subtle presence throughout. The logo was designed with paradoxical typography to create the illusion effect and the tagline – “Dining and Delusions” compliments it. Concept: The illusion effect. The menu of the restaurant had lot of complicated maze designs and objects deriving illusion. Two bold colors, black and yellow were used to strongly portray the concept.


The name, the logo, the tagline and the design of the menu everything was colored with illusion.

The Outcome

Illusions can teach us a lot about perception. A restaurant dining experience that can indulge all your senses and can make you imagine is worth the efforts we put in designing the concept.

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