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By October 10, 2017May 30th, 2022Case Study

The Challenge

The challenge was an unusual one- we wanted to make a film that is quirky, will catch up on the current trend, has eye-pleasing visuals- all this while we explain our TG the damage their hair goes through because of excessive treatment in salon. We wanted to ask them to reverse the hair damage by using NutriMixology.

The Positioning

The spa and hair therapy market is crowded with giants like Lo Real and Wella capturing mindspaces and salon spaces alike. Stylists are loyal to their brands AND to their customers. The need of the hour was a very niche positioning of this ground-breaking treatment in the minds of the stylists. Add to it the fact that Nutrimixology is 3 levels ultra-customized, so the procedures are lengthy and complex; and the normal problem solution approach fails because it solves not one, but every problem of every hair/scalp type.

The Innovation

For the product launch video for NutriMixology, we refused to go regular. We decided to write the script in the form of slam poetry- in a half and half format. For the voice over we tried homemade cookies- three beautiful narrators picked from our team itself. If script was our hero, editing was the show-stealer. The result was a quick film that acts as a sales aid to their reps visiting hair salon chains. It completely gets the stylists’ and the end customers’ buy-in because of the very relatable and contemporary approach.


The script is where we challenged the odds and editing was another mountain we conquered. More than 400 images, a million edit effects and 3 sleepless nights later; we had one masterpiece of a film.

The Outcome

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