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By November 23, 2016May 30th, 2022Case Study

The Challenge

The questions asked in the Upper House by the politicians can be difficult to understand for the layman. Moreover, the answers provided by the corresponding Ministries are usually filled with graphs, data and annexures running into several pages. It becomes essential to edit the information and present it in a short and interesting manner. The challenge is to simplify and explain at the same time.

The Innovation

Politicians usually post about their achievements and not much about their methodology. We thought of using Facebook to engage the followers of Parimal Nathwani ( Rajya Sabha MP from Jharkhand) and make them aware about the issues raised by him that would correctly represent his pro-activeness as a member of the Upper House. Political data can quickly become uninteresting on a public platform and hence we had to find a way to present it in a lucid manner that can be understood in a jiffy. A clean layout and appropriate image selection were adopted to give visual cues with optimal use of text. The comments and interaction on the page were engaged upon to explain to the followers the finer nuances of the working of the house. This helped change the impression that the parliament seldom does constructive work.

The Outcome

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