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The Orange Flash Awards

By November 19, 2016May 30th, 2022Case Study

The Challenge

Orange Flash Awards is a prestigious and national level event organized by Photo Orange. Photo Orange is a sub brand of Shree Printwell Pvt. Ltd. It is a niche brand catering primarily to the Photobook demand from the wedding photographers. The client asked us to make it a remarkable event and wanted it to become the talk of the town.

The Innovation

Right from naming the event, to creating a logo that goes with the theme of the event, we ensured that the event reflects the essence of ‘India’s Biggest Wedding Photography Challenge’. We came up with innovative concepts for standees, invites, teaser cards, magazine ads and the film. Concept: India’s Biggest Wedding Photography Challenge.


To create buzz for the event, we ran a social media campaign inviting entries for the competition. The website for the awards was designed in less than 2 days. It has all the information about the competition and entry forms and has simple steps to upload photographs. We also made a film highlighting the contribution of wedding photographers to the industry. Not many people regard them with the same respect as they do for photographers of other genre, say fashion or wildlife. Hence, we made an effort to put the spotlight on Wedding Photographers and give them the due fame.

The Outcome

Overall the event was a grand success and received a lot of praise from the audience.


The competition is at its final stage. The winners will be announced in April and every wedding photographer in the country is anticipating the results.

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